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Léry Charles fishing vessel

Design and Construction

Designed in Scotland by MacDuff Ship Design and built in Nova Scotia by A.F. Theriault and Son, the M.V. Léry Charles is a fusion of Scottish, Icelandic and Canadian fish harvesting and processing technology. As a perfect compliment to this advanced technology, we have a crew of experienced and skilled fishermen. Combined, the crew and vessel have the ability to land top quality fish regularly in the small fishing village of Lower West Pubnico on the southwestern shore of Nova Scotia. We are very proud of the vessel, the crew and especially the quality of the fish we have been able to bring home to port and provide to our customers.

Processing and packing the fish

Onboard Processing and Handling

Scotia Harvest Seafoods decided that handling fish in the 'traditional way' was no longer acceptable and that as an industry we had to begin focusing on producing a consistently high quality product. After traveling to observe fishing techniques in Iceland and Scotland we invested in Marel processing technology and have designed a system where the fish coming aboard is only exposed to the sun and other harsh conditions for mere minutes before it is put below deck. The fish is then gutted and bled quickly in a manner that limits the amount of times the fish needs to be handled and also gets the fish into the insulated boxes and chilled as quickly as possible. Through a combination of hard work and a commitment from the management and crew to land the top quality fish, we have been consistently achieving our goal of having the best fish coming off the boat.

Slurry iced fish

Optimar Slurry Ice System

One of the key components towards getting the best quality fish to market is our Optimar Slurry Ice system. The slurry ice allows us to chill the fish very quickly to just below 0° Celsius where we can maintain superior freshness without compromising the quality of the fish. Compared to traditional fish storage techniques, this allows for a longer shelf-life and a better experience for the consumer.